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2010 ~
01. 2019. 고객감동경영대상 수상  
  선진뷰티사이언스는 샤넬, 로레알 등 세계 180여개 화장품 제조업체에 원료를 납품하여 지난해 380억원의 매출을 올리고 2000만불 수출탑을 수상하였습니다, 해외고객들의 주문접수부터 출하, 선적이 용이하도록 EDI 시스템을 자체 개발했으며, 진행상황에 대한 이메일을 고객에게 자동으로 전송해 편의성을 높였습니다. 또한, 시장 issue 및 선진뷰티사이언스의 소식을 국내외 고객들에게 Newsletter를 작성, 공유하며 고객과 소통하고 있습니다.
12. 2018. 올해의 일자리 대상    
  화장품 원료와 디스플레이 광학 소재 등을 생산하는 선진뷰티사이언스는 올해의 일자리대상 '워라밸 모범기업' 부문에서 수상의 영광을 안았습니다. 시차근무제와 보상휴가제, 주말근무시 대체휴무제도, 매월 최우수사원에게 놀이공원 상품권 지급, 해외여행지원, 매주 수요일 가정의날 등 복지제도를 시행중이며, 성과를 올린 임직원에게 매월 최대 50만 원의 상여금을 퇴직 시까지 지급하는 '스타제도'는 현재 20명에게 적용 중입니다.
06. 서천 장항공장 기공식
2017 12. Awarded a Prize for $20 million Exporting
2016 06. Appointed Global Hidden Industry
2015 03.23. Export 1FCL of cosmetics raw materials
2014 03. European distributor seminar in Hamburg
2013 09. The Completion of 4th factory building
2012 02. The extension of office building
2011 11. Award a prize for $10 million exporting at         the 48th Trade day   Awarded a Prize for $10 million Exporting
2001 ~ 2010
12. Export 1FCL of cosmetics raw materials   11. Award a prize for $5 million exporting at         the 47th Trade day

03. Commercial production of semi dispersed PMMA
2009 11. Award a prize of the best venture

. Commercial production of mono dispersed PMMA - 2nd in the world
01. Hybrid PMMA released in market
12. Winning a prize for exporting more than    

. Exported beads for display to 3M
01. SUNJIN’s 30th founding anniversary
2007 10.Exported Cosmetic materials to ESTEE LAUDER    
2006 02. Exported UV filters to L’OREAL
2005 02. Exported cosmetics raw materials to L’OREAL    
2004 02. Exported Silica 1MT to Intercos(Italy)    
2003 09. Developed ZnO & TiO2 Dispersion
08. Registered as a certified supplier to L’OREAL
01. Developed AC EL phosphor(Blue)
2002 12. Expanded powdery products production capacity to 20MT/month
10. Vc Funding singing ceremoney
. Funded by venture capitals for 1,000,000,000 won
05. Exported silica/TiO2 composite to Japan
2001 09. Developed PMMA bead for coatings and paints first in Korea
07. Technology presentation at KAO R&D center
. Won a R&D fund from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
06. Exported PMMA bead to EU first in Korea
04. Selected as INNO-BIZ company by Korean government
03. Developed silica/TiO2 composite first in Korea
02. Recognized as a venture company by Korean government based on its superior technology
1978 ~ 1997
1997 10. Developed spherical silica first in Korea
1993 08.Set up a joint venture company in China
1989 11. Award a prize for $1 million exporting Trade day
1988 06. Incorporated to SUNJIN CHEMICAL CO. LTD
1987 06. Founded an affiliated R&D center
1986 12. Moved to Ansan city, Kyugki-do, Korea
1983 08. Recognized as a promising small & medium company by Korean Government
1978 01. Founded in Busan Korea
  256, Haean-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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